The Cupcake Car

These $25,000 customized Cupcake Cars are made of fabric, wood and sheet metal. They're powered by a 24-volt electric motor.

AP Photo/Neiman Marcus

Do the cookie-cutter vehicles rolling off automaker assembly lines ever strike you as bland? The Cupcake Car, designed by artist Lisa Pongrace, could add the spice (and sugar) for which you've been yearning. While it may look yum-yum, don't expect the Cupcake Car to offer much in the zoom-zoom department -- its electric motor only propels it to around 7 miles per hour (11.3 kilometers per hour).

The Cupcake Car was originally conceived as a rolling art installation for the bohemian-themed Burning Man event held annually in Black Rock Desert, Nev.

But for those with an incurable sweet tooth for paying extravagant sums for the privilege of being different, Neiman Marcus has a sweet treat for you. You can putter around in your very own Cupcake Car, in your choice of customized, (non-edible) exterior icing styles. One can be yours for just $25,000 [source: Squatriglia].

We do suggest picking up an item of matching headwear (as shown). After all, not to do so would just be tasteless.

If the safe, mass-market designs of the auto industry have ever left you feeling catatonic, then you'll want to pounce on your mouse button and click to our next strange vehicle.