10 Top Selling Hybrid Cars


Toyota Camry Hybrid

A Toyota Camry Hybrid
A Toyota Camry Hybrid
­AP Photo/ James Crisp


When it comes to hyb­rid sales, Toyota is king. And while Toyota is well known for its Prius hybrid, the second-best selling hybrid of 2008 is the Toyota Camry Hybrid. In fact, Toyota sold more than 46,000 of them in 2008.

While the Prius is known for its distinctive shape, the Camry Hybrid flies under the radar. On the outside, only a hybrid badge separates it from the conventional Camry. Under the hood, however, the Camry Hybrid manages to get an extra 12 miles per gallon (5.1 kilometers per gallon) in the city compared to the standard Camry, and a 26 percent improvement in fuel economy overall. The Camry Hybrid is another one of those "have everything" hybrids. In addition to the eco-friendly ride, buyers get a comfortable passenger cabin and good performance, too. All reasons that explain the Camry Hybrid's popularity.