5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in High Winds

Go Puddle Jumping
Motorways flood after torrential rain and gale force winds hit Wellington, New Zealand, in 2006.
Motorways flood after torrential rain and gale force winds hit Wellington, New Zealand, in 2006.
Marty Melville/Getty Images

So you couldn't outrun the storm in your little four-cylinder economy car -- that's okay! You can still drive completely irresponsibly in the wind!

Remember that wind often brings sopping wet storms with it. Those storms come on fast and fill up gutters and creeks and ditches with a quickness. Take advantage of all that murky water and drive straight into it. Don't let up on the gas pedal either! How's a person supposed to hydroplane if they aren't going fast enough to skim across the water's surface? The wind can only help here. Once you've lost traction and your car is skating across the water, a nice burst of high-speed wind can take your car where the wind wants it to go.

If you've tried any of these truly terrible ways to drive in the wind and find yourself stuck in a ditch, please stay there while the rest of us try to drive slowly and safely to the next parking lot where we can wait out the storm like intelligent drivers. We'll call a tow truck for you. Eventually.

Author's Note: 5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in High Winds

It would have been easy -- and incredibly dull -- to write these tips in a straightforward way. "Be safe," "Don't Drive Too Fast," "Wind is Unpredictable." These are things that anyone with half a brain can put together. However, being able to write it from the Mr. Don't Bee point of view, rather than the Mr. Do Bee angle, made it a lot more fun. I was still able to deliver the important information drivers need to stay safe, but I also got to point out that some people (though certainly not you or me, intelligent people that we are) do really dumb things when a storm with high winds is on its way.

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