10 Tips for Choosing Your Kid's First Car

And Lose Parent of the Year
Ford's MyKey system can limit the car's top speed (and the stereo volume), enforces seatbelt use and more. (Creative Commons/Flickr/HighTechDad)

You know how your kid wanted all of the technology in his car to make up for the fact that you're making him deal with an old iPhone 4? Well, if you're buying new, you're going to give to him. Big time. In fact, you can monitor his every move. Ford's MyKey system limits the car's top speed and the stereo volume, enforces seatbelt use and even gives earlier low-fuel warnings so your kid can't leave you stranded in the driveway before work the next morning. Hyundai's BlueLink system sends you a message on your phone if the car is going over a speed limit you've set, or if the car is out past its curfew. It's a techno tattletale.

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