10 Superstitions From the World of Motor Racing

Mismatched Shoes
Several drivers have been known for wearing mismatched racing shoes – this pair belongs to Robert Doornbos, a Formula One test and racing driver from the Netherlands. (Creative Commons/Flickr/Alefosi)

Alex Wurz, an Austrian racing driver, is perhaps the driver most commonly known for wearing mismatched racing shoes -- although there have been others. This particular, less common clothing ritual supposedly brings good luck, yet it's hard to track down the origins of this custom. It hasn't been widely adopted, but it's not totally uncommon, either, and it seems to make some drivers happy. Have at it, fellas.

Other variations on the mismatching theme have also come to light, such as deliberately mismatching socks. Stefano Modena used to take this an extra step, and drove with one of his gloves inside out, which couldn't have been all that comfortable. When abiding by a superstition that potentially creates a handicap, it might be time to draw the line.