10 Tips for Choosing Your Kid's First Car

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Is It Better to Back In to a Parking Space?

Is It Better to Back In to a Parking Space?

How you park a car can have safety implications. Learn which parking strategy parking professionals prefer in this HowStuffWorks article.

Author's Note: 10 Tips for Choosing Your Kid's First Car

My parents bought my first car for me when I was 17. I absolutely, positively did not want it, despite this being the dark ages before cell phones or any other tech wizardry. I had nothing to do with the purchase, and that's how I ended up with the most horrid, faded red, musty smelling Chevy Chevette the world has ever seen. We bought it used, and my parents test drove it while I sulked in the cramped, tan vinyl back seat. It was so cheap they wrote a check for it. I avoided driving it, coming up with any excuse to catch a ride with my mom or have a friend pick me up or just stay home. When I did drive it, I had to lift my foot off the throttle, wait for the automatic transmission to shift down, and then mash the throttle if I wanted to make it over the hill to my house. In my passive-aggressive hatred, I blew up the engine by not putting fluids in the car. I had to pay to replace the engine and keep driving the Chevette. And worst of all, when I got in a minor accident and was hit on the rear quarter panel, my parents allowed the mechanic to slap a two-foot (61-centimeter) bandage sticker on the "wound." I had to drive the car that way until I went to college a thousand miles (1,609 kilometers) away -- too far for that Chevette to follow me.

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