24 Hours of LeMons

The 24 Hours of LeMons race organizers only allow clunkers onto the track. If you paid more than $500 for your car, you'll have to pay a lap penalty.

Photo courtesy of Widgetsltd

LeMans, LeMons -- get it? While the actual 24 Hours of LeMans sports car race, held annually in the eponymous French city, features real racing cars that have been tuned and engineered within an inch of their lives, the 24 Hours of LeMons race features real, well, lemons. Pay more than $500 for your car and you won't be allowed on the track. Held several times a year at various race tracks across the United States, the organizers of this 24-hour endurance race are serious about only allowing clunkers onto the track. If they find out you paid more than $500 for your car, including any modifications you may have had done in preparation for the race, they'll dock you a lap for every extra 10 bucks. Other penalties are determined by spinning the Wheel of Misfortune. (Shades of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome!)

Oh, yes -- halfway through the race the participants vote on one participating car to be crushed on the spot. So whatever you do, don't bring your grandmother's prized 1972 Dodge Dart to this event!