A dump truck driving beside a highway

Large trucks often use ceramic or metallic brake pads -- both are known for strength and durability.

Mike Clarke/iStockphoto

Truck Brake Pads

Because trucks are so big and heavy, their brake pads are especially important. It takes a lot of power to stop a fully loaded truck moving along at highway speeds. Heck, it even takes a lot of power to stop an empty truck that's barely moving at all. That means that the strength of the pad and its ability to stop heavy loads repeatedly is very important. Organic brake pads, because they are soft and wear more quickly than other types of brake pads, are not recommended for trucks. So what type of brake part do you suppose is appropriate for a large truck?

Metallic and ceramic truck brake pads are good choices. Ceramic brake pads offer a lot of stopping power, even for heavy loads, but remember, they're very expensive. Metallic brake pads are less expensive; however, they wear the rotors much faster than the ceramic pads. The type of truck and what it's used for should determine the brake parts that are installed on it.

Obviously, a compact truck that's used mainly for commuting to and from work won't need the high-performance brake pads that a heavy-duty truck that routinely tows heavy loads through the mountains will require. Again, the type of truck brake pad material selected really depends on the size of the truck, the weight of the load that it will be hauling and the terrain to which it will be subjected.