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10 Fastest Cars in the World
When a 'Top 10 Fastest Cars' list begins at 230 mph (370 kph), you know you're in for a real high-speed treat. Did your favorite fast car make the list? Read more »
Author's Note: Top 10 Speeds Clocked on the Autobahn

In order to compile the top 10 times on the autobahn, I had to comb through video after video on the Internet, trying to find the fastest times on speedometers, checking to see if there was GPS or other verification, looking for a reliable source -- like a car magazine -- to verify the results. It was a tough slog.

Try telling that, though, to your friends crunching numbers in cubicles all day. Try convincing them that your job, which involves watching YouTube videos of fast cars for a couple hours, is a slog. Trust me, it does not work. You get a lot of tiny violins playing the world's saddest song for you.

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