1961 plymouth fury front view

The design of the 1961 Plymouth Fury was much more subdued than its predecessor, but failed to save the Fury.

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1960-1961 Plymouth Fury Specifications

The 1960-1961 Plymouth Fury attempted to build on the cult-like success of its earlier limited-production models. Unfortunately, unpopular styling choices destined it to extinction. However, as the 1960-1961 Plymouth Fury specifications below indicate, the Fury was one of the finest performance cars of the early 1960s.


Engines: ohv I-6, 225 cid (3.40 × 4.13), 145 bhp; ohv V-8, 318 cid (3.91 × 3.31) 230 bhp; 361 cid (4.12 × 3.38) 305 bhp; 383 cid (4.25 × 3.38) 330 bhp

Transmissions: 3-speed manual; 3-speed automatic optional

Suspension, front: upper and lower control arms, longitudinal torsion bars

Suspension, rear: live axle, leaf springs

Brakes: front/rear drums

Wheelbase (in.): 118.0

Weight (lbs.): 3,330-3,640

Top speed (mph): 120+

0-60 mph (sec): 7.5-17

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