A monotone paint scheme bathed the Thunderbird's frame, tanks, forks, fenders and even wheel rims in the same color.

1952 Triumph Thunderbird Pictures

The 1952 Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle was a response to America's post-World War II interest in powerful motorcycles. The Thunderbird's 650-cc engine was barely half the size of those offered by rivals like Harley-Davidson, but it was at least a step in the right direction.

A Triumph Thunderbird was Marlon Brando's mount in the 1954 film, The Wild One.

The Thunderbird's speedometer went to 120 mph.

An oil tank beneath the seat helps identify this Triumph as housing its engine and transmission in separate cases. Triangular box above foot peg is a tool compartment.

The headlamp was housed in a streamlined nacelle that tapered into telescopic front forks.

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