10 Features We Want to See in Self-driving Cars

Electrons for Fuel
The robotic gas pumps from Fuelmatics will work with all car models, no matter their shape, size, or gas cap height. Image courtesy of Fuelmatics

As long as we're ridding ourselves of the inconvenience of driving the car, let's rid ourselves of stops at the gas station, too. There are robotic gas pumps in the works, but let's take an even more ginormous step forward and just go all-electric with these things. Think of it: If designers can do anything once the steering wheel and pedals are gone, what could they do without the need for air intake, exhaust pipes, or mufflers? Cars could take on any shape and configuration under the sun — oh hey! Let's make them solar-powered electric self-driving cars! It's a wish list, right? Get on it, engineers. Actually, Nissan has mentioned making a self-driving version of its Leaf electric car, so it's not such a pipe dream after all.