10 Warm-weather Motorcycle Accessories

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If you're a motorcyclist, the summer is a blessing and a curse. Sure, there are plenty of long weekends and lots of opportunities to spend quality time with your bike, your thoughts and the open road. In fact, 71 percent of new motorcycle and scooter retail sales in 2010 occurred from April to September [source: Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council].

But when the mercury rises, so does the discomfort of cyclists everywhere. In addition, the gear typically worn by conscientious riders can leave them sweaty and miserable. No question, it can be a challenge to find the right gear to provide a mixture of safety and comfort in warm-weather conditions. We have some options for you, however.

So before you put that bike in the garage or, worse, go for a ride without a helmet or long pants, consider these 10 accessories.