Will all vehicles eventually be all electric?

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Author's Note: Will all vehicles eventually be all electric?

I used to work for a magazine that covered vintage sports and muscle cars -- Ferraris, Corvettes, Alfa Romeos, Cisitalias, Superbirds -- the whole bit. The panic in the eyes of the guys (and they were almost all guys) who loved these cars at the mention of a hybrid drivetrain, let alone an all-electric vehicle, was a lot like a horse in a barn fire. If they didn't panic, they laughed. These are the guys I think of when I ponder the future of electric cars. As all-electric vehicles get more stylish and more fun, these guys are going to realize that the only way they can afford to fire up the old Ford Fairlane for a club meet on Saturday is to drive an EV to work the rest of the week. You don't have to be a Birkenstock-wearing tree-hugger or futuristic nerd to understand the practicality of a weekday EV that justifies one's weekend vintage car racing habit. That is, if one has such a habit.

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