5 Things You Should NOT Do After a Car Accident


Leave the Scene

Let's say you're involved in a wreck, but it's not a bad one. You've collided with another car but the damage is minor. No one appears to be injured at first glance. So you're cool to drive away, right?

Actually, you're not. Regardless of whether a wreck looks serious, you always have to stop, check on the other person involved, exchange insurance information and report it to law enforcement. If you don't, you've committed a crime.

In Texas, for example, driving away after a wreck could land you a charge of failure to stop and render aid. It's a misdemeanor offense, but if someone is injured or killed, it could be elevated to a felony [source: Matt Horak Law Firm].

In addition, if someone is injured, you are required to provide assistance to an injured person, including transporting him or her to a hospital if necessary.

So if you're in a wreck, do your due diligence and stick around to help the other people involved. You'd want them to do the same for you, right? Plus, if you don't, you could get arrested. Seems pretty simple.