10 Banned Race Cars

Hendrick Motorsports' 1997 T-Rex
The T-Rex was a lot more powerful than the regular Chevrolet Monte Carlo. © 2009 Brian Snelson/“1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo ‘T-Rex’”/CC BY 2.0

I'm going to try to go easy on the extinction jokes in this section, but a few might slip through like a meteor headed for Earth to eradicate species. In 1997, Jeff Gordon drove the Hendrick Motorsports Monte Carlo in the All-Star race. However, this was not your granddad's Monte Carlo. It was designed from the ground up by Rex Stump, a former Corvette engineer who designed the T-Rex to be as fast as possible. The car got its name from Stump, though it also had a Jurassic Park-themed paint scheme to promote the movie release.

Gordon and the T-Rex dominated the race like two raptors gorging on a herd of diplodocuses. At the post race inspection, NASCAR officials told the Hendrick crew that they shouldn't race the car again, though it complied with all NASCAR rules. The design was too radical [source: Hendrick Motorsports]. If you want to see a T-Rex without the risk of being devoured, the T-Rex is on display at the Hendrick Motorsports museum in Charlotte, North Carolina.