Where to Buy
Car dealer and customer looking at car

Buying from a reputable dealer is one of the best ways to ensure that you're getting what you pay for.


You know the stereotype of used car dealers as snake-oil salesmen looking to foist lemons on unsuspecting buyers? Well, it's only sometimes true. But you should be doubly cautious when choosing where to buy your salvage auto. If you know a reputable local dealer, preferably whose kids are in Boy Scouts with your kids, great. If not, things get a little gray.

The bottom line? Make sure you check out both the salvage dealer and the specific car before you consider buying. Start by checking the Better Business Bureau for complaints.

If you bid on a salvage auto at one of the many online clearinghouses, be sure you don't skimp on the evaluation just because you're doing it at a distance. Keep your head in charge of your heart, and take it slow.

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