Wrecking Services and Auto Body Shops
Mechanic working on classic car in garage

Sometimes mechanics keep a stash of parts they come across in their work, so ask yours if he's seen the piece you're looking for.


Sometimes cars go straight from the side of the highway or your backyard to the junkyard. But often, cars go through a wrecking service or body shop first. And if these wrecking services are smart, they hold onto the good parts. Wrecking services range from a guy with a truck and a garage filled with perfect parts to wreckers with fleets of trucks, used car lots and their own 100-acre junkyards.

It's time to get on the phone. Look up your local towing or wrecking services, and ask around until you find the right wrecker for your project. People know people. And finding just the right part means that you might need to know people, too.