Online Auctions
Laptop computer inside classic car

The Internet can be your best friend when you're trying to track down a part. Just make sure you're getting a fair price.


One word: eBay. Or is that two words? Anyway, it really does have everything. And because dealers have to compete with wreckers and individual sellers, prices are likely to be much less than at the sites of specialty dealers. Remember, though: You have to be a little more careful about what you get.

At a junkyard, you can whack parts with a pipe wrench. And you know the sound of a pipe wrench hitting solid metal. A solid hit is a good part. But on eBay or other peer-to-peer sellers, you have to depend on a seller's rating, pictures and descriptions of parts. You can't scrape for rust or smack it with a sledge.

That said, here's another one word: cheap. Eventually the trade-off of cheap versus easy is up to you.

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