Nissan Vision 2015
DNA Recognition

When it comes to futuristic security systems, the concept car envisioned by Lexus and Steven Spielberg for the 2002 film "Minority Report" has one of the coolest sci-fi twists on an existing concept. The keyless entry system of 2054 relies on DNA recognition; all it takes is physical contact with the car for it to recognize its driver. The imaginary systems inside the advanced future car also include tons of sensors for collision avoidance, automatic parking and cruise control [source: Serious Wheels].

The goal of Nissan's Vision 2015 project is to develop new car concepts and technologies through the year 2015. Some of those new technologies are aimed at reducing the deaths and injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. One of Nissan's Vision 2015 concept cars embodies that goal to the fullest, integrating advanced technology into a car to prevent drunk driving accidents -- and drunk driving, period [source: DUI.com].

Sensors in the car's seat and gearshift can detect alcohol through the driver's perspiration and prevent the vehicle from being driven. Additionally, a camera watches the driver's eyes. If it detects signs of drowsiness or drunkenness, the car issues a voice alert to the driver and tightens the seat belt as a wake-up call [source: DUI.com]. The car can even detect suspicious driving activity that could indicate someone falling asleep at the wheel -- drift out of the lane and the car may give you the same alert and seat belt tuck [source: DUI.com].

While its futuristic concept car may not be hitting the highways just yet, Nissan's already incorporated a drunk driving message into its current navigation systems [source: DUI.com]. In another decade, Nissan's vision may be an everyday reality, and car security systems will be as good at keeping us safe from ourselves as they are preventing outside threats.