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Motorsports attract fans around the world with a variety of vehicles and competitions. Learn about drifting and other types of motorsports in the Motorsports Channel.

How Super Truck Racing Works

Imagine an 8-foot tall, 8-foot wide, 12,000-pound diesel-powered truck hurling around the Nurburgring just inches from other trucks at 100 miles per hour. Sounds exciting, right? You bet it is.

A wastegate is a pressure-sensitive valve that helps adjust the spinning speed of a turbocharger. Find out how to make a wastegate adjustment on a turbocharger in this article. See more »

How Whiskey Cars Worked

The same men who used their skills as drivers and mechanics to outrun the law while running homemade moonshine used those same skills to found one of the most popular motorsports in the U.S.: NASCAR. See more »

How CO2-powered Dragsters Work

What separates Pinewood Derby cars from CO2 dragsters? Instead of using gravity to pull them down the track (like a Pinewood Derby car) a CO2 dragster has the added advantage of a powerful propulsion system. See more »

5 Unusual Auto Races

Tired of watching cars race in a circle hour after hour? Then how about a race where participants build their own cars, chain their bumper to an ambulance or hold a vote to literally crush a competitor's car? See more »

How Go-kart Racing Works

If your idea of kart racing is based on the go-karts found parked in front of your local hardware store -- well, you're in for a sweet surprise. True racing karts are serious competitive machines. See more »

How Endurance Racing Works

Endurance races pack all the excitement of shorter races, but add the drama of catastrophic mechanical failure along with the steady attrition of vehicles as the laws of physics take their toll. See more »

How Racing Schools Work

Have you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a real race car and learn how to drive like the professionals? Racing schools, where you can get individual instruction from experienced drivers give you that opportunity. See more »

5 Scariest Stunt Car Feats

Many stunt drivers have taken a car to the edge of destruction (or beyond) in the name of adventure and adrenaline-pumping thrills. We've collected a few of the scariest stunt car feats ever attempted. See more »

How Tether Car Racing Works

There's a good chance you've never heard of tether car racing. That's because there are only a few remaining racetracks and a handful of enthusiasts left in the world. What makes this hobby so unique? See more »

How Gymkhana Works

All forms of auto racing require some level of driver skill in order to remain competitive. But gymkhana isn't just a test of a driver's physical skills -- it's also a complex mental challenge. See more »