How to Prevent Automotive Rust

Preventing Automotive Rust

Grinding off rust
A grinder is a useful tool when you need to remove every speck of rust from your car.

When your car rolls onto the dealership lot it already has some rust protection built in. The car's paint acts as a seal, keeping moisture away from the metal in the car's body. That means you should examine and take care of your car's paint job if you want to keep rust at bay. Not only will it keep your car looking nice, but it may also prevent rust from weakening the metal on your car.

One good way to protect your car's paint job is to wash your car every two weeks and apply a wax coating once a month. Take this time to examine your car carefully. If you see any signs of scratches, bubbling or flaking, you have a problem. Bubbles can be a sign of rust forming underneath the paint and scratches or flaking can allow moisture to begin the oxidation process.


You can purchase a sealant to prevent rust from taking hold on a damaged section of your car's paint. Clean and dry the area on your car before applying the sealant -- the chemical will bond to your car's surface and you definitely don't want any moisture or dirt to be trapped under the protective coating. You may also want to purchase some touch-up paint to cover the damage once you're finished.

Drivers who live in particularly harsh environments may need to purchase a protective lubricant or anti-rust spray as additional insurance against rust. Lubricant creates an additional layer of protection. The anti-rust spray creates a seal on top of your car and acts as an extra layer of protection on top of the paint job. Before applying any sort of protective coating you should make sure your vehicle is clean and dry.

If you drive over icy roads coated in salt, you'll want to wash your car more frequently. Make sure you wash off the underside and wheel wells of the vehicle, too.

Don't forget the inside of your car, and be sure to clean up spills immediately. If you wash the interior of your car, leave your car doors open to help it dry out.

Sometimes rust can develop even when you're careful. It's easy to miss early warning signs. What do you do if your car already has rust?