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How many of us have played with racecars as children and vowed we’d get one when we grew up? Learn about models like Jaguars and Lancia Stratos and see how NASCAR and champ cars work.

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Even today, the Porsche 917 ranks among the most powerful racecars ever to compete. It also makes a pretty good case for itself to be the greatest racecar of all time; however, success was not immediate.

By Patrick E. George

The Lancia Stratos was designed to be a rally car -- it found success on and off the race course. With 190 horsepower in road-going trim, the Stratos could exceed 140 mph. Learn about the Lancia Stratos.

By the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

Champ Cars have carbon fiber bodies, 900-horsepower engines and top speeds of over 230 mph! With the help of the Motorola PacWest Racing Team and CART, go behind the scenes to learn about the car the team and the driver!

By Marshall Brain