10 Extreme Motor Sports for Thrill Seekers

Figure 8 Racing
The track at Slinger Super Speedway is equipped to host Figure 8 races. © 2006 Royalbroil/CC BY-SA 2.5

If you read about demolition derby a few pages back and thought, "that sounds great, but it would be better if the crashes were a little less planned and more spectacular," then Figure 8 racing is for you.

Figure 8 races are run on a dirt track that's shaped like — wait for it — the number eight, so they combine racing with wrecking. Because the two circles of the track cross, drivers have to power through oncoming traffic to get the best time and win. The downside of going as fast as you can around the track is that everyone else is doing the same thing, and when two speeding cars meet ... well, you know what happens. Figure 8 drivers have to have the skills to drive fast on a curved course and be alert enough to avoid a collision on a track that's built for crashes.

The best thing about Figure 8 racing is that races are organized by class. So while you'll have one class racing beat-up old cars, you could also see a race that's just school buses. No, we're not kidding.