10 Extreme Motor Sports for Thrill Seekers

Cleanliness is not an option in motocross races Leopoldo Smith/LatinContent Editorial/Getty Images

When the pavement ends, most mainstream motorcycle riders head home. They do the same thing when it rains (getting pelted by raindrops while going 50 miles per hour [80 kph] isn't exactly fun for most people). Motocross riders, on the other hand, love to ride in the dirt and rain.

In motocross, riders on off-road motorcycles scramble around a dirt track with steep hills, sharp curves, plenty of danger and lots of air time. In essence, motocross races recreate an exhilarating off-road, hilly motorcycle race but in an arena. Motocross races are organized by class depending on the type of motorcycles involved. They feature a large number of racers all jockeying for a position on the track, which leads to some impressive displays of skill, as well as some impressive crashes.

What's appealing about motocross is that many areas have dirt motorcycle tracks, and an off-road motorcycle can be relatively affordable. If you don't mind broken bones and the risk of more severe injuries, this is one extreme motor sport that has a relatively low price of entry.