10 Extreme Motor Sports for Thrill Seekers

Snowmobile Watercross
Snowmobile watercross is a risky sport — it’s even banned in some U.S. states. © 2010 Vidar Hoel/CC BY-NC 2.0

Snowmobiles, as the name implies, are meant to be used on snow. They don't sell so well in Florida. Some snowmobile riders, however, realized that water is just snow that's melted, and a new motor sport was born: snowmobile watercross. In snowmobile watercross, competitors ride snowmobiles across race courses on ponds and lakes.

Let's just take a moment to recall that snowmobiles are not boats.

But if snowmobiles are not boats, how the heck do they make it across water without Jesus driving them? What makes snowmobile watercross work is how fast snowmobiles can go. That facet of snowmobiles is also what will save you if you're ever snowmobiling across a lake that isn't as frozen as you think it is. Snowmobiles don't float, and when they cross water, they're aren't pushing through the water like a boat would. Instead, they're skipping along the surface of the water like a stone. Maintaining control when skimming across a lake or pond is incredibly impressive. And like the title of this article implies, it's extreme.

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