10 Extreme Motor Sports for Thrill Seekers

Rally Racing
These grueling, rain-or-shine competitions take car racing to the extreme. PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA/AFP/Getty Images

If you've ever felt like turning off a clogged freeway to race to work through fields, woods and dirt roads, rally racing is for you. Adding to the thrill factor of rally racing is that many of the best rally cars are based on models you can actually buy. In fact, many automakers use rally racing as a showplace for their best small, agile and grippy cars. If you like combining nature with nurturing as much speed as possible from a hot hatchback, you need to get into rally racing.

In rally racing, cars race on closed-off courses or real roads — most of which are unpaved. Rally racing is one of the toughest driving sports out there. It's extreme because races can go on for days regardless of weather, which puts lots of stress on the cars. A race can be run on several different road surfaces, and fans are so close to the action that being hit by a race car is a real concern. Sound thrilling enough for you? Check out Rally America for upcoming races.