1983 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

 Firebird Trans Am
The 1983 Firebird Trans Am looked marginally different than its 1982 forebear. See more Pontiac Firebird pictures.
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If four-speed manual shift helped Trans Am owners get the most out of their road machines, surely five would help even more. So a five-speed became standard in '83, while automatic transmissions grew from three ratios to four and gained a lock-up torque converter.

This year's Firebirds were slightly taller and wider, and the Trans Am's V-8 engines gained a little power. Both Trans Am and S/E edged past $10,300. For long-distance driving comfort, any model could get Lear/Siegler multi-adjustable bucket seats with lumbar support and movable cushion bolsters. A split-back folding rear seat was available across the board.


Suspension refinements gave base and S/E Firebirds a more comfortable ride and lighter feel. Trans Am hoods now featured an off-center power blister with their fresh-air induction system. Every Trans Am sported front-fender air extractors, wheel-opening flares, a rear spoiler, turbo-cast aluminum wheels, and special suspension-all aimed at race-car-like performance.

Two special-edition Trans Ams were announced: a black Recaro version with gold tape striping and gold-finished cast aluminum wheels; and a white/gray Daytona 500 25th Anniversary model. The Recaro package cost $3,160 with standard 305-cid (5.0-liter) V-8 and five-speed, or $3,610 with "Cross-Fire" V-8 and mandatory automatic.