1967, 1968, 1969 Dodge Dart GT GTS


Later models of the Dodge Dart GT GTS featured a vented, bulged hood.
Later models of the Dodge Dart GT GTS featured a vented, bulged hood.
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If that wasn't enough to induce "Dodge Fever," then perhaps the optional 383-cid V-8, also four-barrel carbureted but churning up 25 extra horses for the 1967, 1968, 1969 Dodge Dart GT GTS, could finish the job. With that choice came a vented, bulged hood.

TorqueFlite automatic was the standard transmission, shiftable through an optional console, but a four-speed manual gearbox cost no more. Performance got a boost in the regular GT line as well, with a 318-cid V-8 option joining the 273.

Far more Dart GTs than GTSports found customers, helped by the simple fact that they were more than $500 cheaper. The GTS hardtop and convertible drew scads of attention but not as many orders, with only 8,745 built.

A modest face-lift with fresh horizontal-bar grille and restyled taillights didn't change the Darts dramatically in 1969. Joining the GT and GTS this time was a bargain-basement Swinger, available with the 340-cid V-8 engine but carrying fewer extras.

While Dodge's GTSport never quite ranked with a Hemi-Charger or Super Bee in the public eye for all-out performance, the figures and contemporary comments speak for themselves. With the 340-cid engine and automatic transmission, Motor Trend required a measly six seconds for its GTS to hit 60.

Rocket-like acceleration wasn't its only skill, either. Car and Driver called Dodge's top Dart a "tough little machine on curves and bends." Car Life voted GTS one of the best cars of the year: "more nimble than most" and able to deliver "neck-snapping acceleration," actually topping a Hemi-equipped Charger for "versatility, agility, roadability" and off-the-line starts.

Because some folks never are satisfied, a few hundred Darts even had 440-Magnum engines installed by outside specialists. Even without such unofficial help, though, Dodge had turned its dowdy compact in sheep's garb into a snarling wolf, eager to snap at the heels of its muscle-car rivals.

GTS production slipped to 6,702 for this final season in the Dart lineup, and only the Swinger would hang on into the Seventies.

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