1957-1960 Ford F-Series

1960 Ford F-Series

Based on their continued popularity, production of F-Series light-duty pickup trucks shot up to near the 205,000 mark for 1959 and would improve by almost 21,500 units in 1960. This hike in 1960 Ford F-Series production came amid many small technical improvements, but few exterior changes.

The 1960 Ford F-Series models featured a new grille design that incorporated a barbell-like up­per portion that linked the more prom­inent headlight bezels. Below this, down to the bumper, was an area of rectangles.

The hood was made to look different, too. The vent area of the 1959s was replaced by a pair of narrow slots that flanked the Ford truck emblem, which returned to the front. A raised strip ran down the center of the hood. Series designators on the hood sides were done in an arrow motif.

1960 Ford F-Series pickup truck interior
1960 Ford F-Series
pickup truck interior

Although they didn't look much different on the outside, the 1960 models bore a number of inner improvements that made them better than the models they replaced.

These included changes in spring rates, rubber door seals, the exhaust system, and electrical wiring. New lining materials helped to increase brake efficiency, and a larger heater added more warmth to the cab.

Ford engineers also improved the distributors and generators on truck engines for better performance. The six-cylinder engine was treated to a higher-capacity oil pump and a more efficient fuel pump.

To make the optional 292-cid V-8 more economical, engineers redesigned the combustion chambers and reduced the size of the intake valves. The carburetor and fuel pump were also reworked to reduce gasoline consumption. These changes lowered the V-8's horsepower rating from 186 to 185.

Four-wheel-drive availability was extended to F-250 stake- and platform-bed models. The panel truck, long a staple of the Ford 1/2-ton line, was offered for the last time in the United States in 1960.

The improvement in sales put a successful cap on this era of Ford trucks. The look that had been "boldly modern" when introduced in 1957 was passing from the scene -- although the styling would persist in some markets outside the United States. When the 1961 model year rolled around, Ford's light-duty F-Series trucks would be new from the ground up.

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