How Lemon Laws Work

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Author's Note: How Lemon Laws Work

Nobody wants to be stuck with a lemon. I've been lucky in that I've never bought a new car that had any significant problems caused by manufacturer's defects. (Problems caused by my own stupidity are another issue.) Chances are you won't get stuck with a genuine lemon either. But if you do, remember that there are laws designed to protect you and assure that your car either gets repaired, replaced or that you get a refund for it. There's no reason to drive around in a car that doesn't work properly, especially if the car's problems are potentially life-threatening. In fact, if you believe that there are problems with your car that could lead to a fatal accident and the car is still under warranty, get it to a dealer immediately. You should be able to get a satisfactory repair or replacement on the first try. In most places, it's the law.

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