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Ferrari Race Cars

Have you drooled at the sight of a Ferrari Enzo FXX or had dreams of driving a Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California Racecar? We have too. Read about these and other dream Ferraris in this section.

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competition

Durable and powerful the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Competition is considered one of Ferrari’s all-time road-going greats. It boasted a 4.4-liter twin cam V-12 that put out over 400 horsepower. Get the lowdown on this Ferrari.

Ridiculous History: Ford GT40 Was Created Out of Spite to Beat Ferrari

The Ford GT40 was created to spite Ferrari, ultimately dominating endurance racing. Learn more in this HowStuffWorks Now article. See more »

Ferrari Sports Racing Cars

Ferrari sports racing cars ignited the Ferrari legend. Here are pictures and profiles of Ferrari sports racing cars from 1947 to today. See more »

Ferrari 225 S

The Ferrari 225 S was an evolution of superior coachwork. Learn more about the racecars that proved Ferrari's V-12 could win races. See more »

Ferrari 166 MM Racecar

The Ferrari 166 MM Racecar blurred the line between a track and a road car. Learn more about this seminal Ferrari and see photos of the 166 MM Racecar. See more »

Ferrari 750 Monza

The Ferrari 750 Monza was a racetrack champion. Learn more about this mid-fifties Ferrari and see photos. See more »

Ferrari 340 Mexico

The Ferrari 340 Mexico was designed for the Carrera Panamerica race in Mexico. Learn more about this quintessential fifties Ferrari and see photos. See more »

Ferrari 250 MM

The Ferrari 250 MM marked a golden age of speed and beauty for Ferrari. Learn more about three racecars from 1953 and see photos of these Ferraris. See more »

Ferrari 375 MM Racecar

The Ferrari 375 MM cemented Pinin Farina as the Ferrari coachbuilder of choice. Learn about Ferrari's first international race title and see photos. See more »

Ferrari 500 Mondial

The Ferrari 500 Mondial gave Ferrari race titles in the 2-liter class. Learn more about this popular Ferrari four-banger and see photos. See more »

Ferrari F1

Ferrari is a legendary name in Formula 1 racing. Learn about Ferrari’s most fascinating F1 cars and follow the creation of a dynasty. See more »