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Are there really more accidents around daylight saving time changes?
Having to "spring forward" for daylight saving time and lose an hour of sleep can be a pain. It can also be possibly dangerous for drivers. Read more »
Author's Note: 5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in the Fog

Oddly enough, writing this article made me want to drive in the fog -- at least just a little. Even when you're in a car there's something mysterious and alluring about fog. For the most part, I think I pretty much knew how to drive in the fog -- you know, because I'm from the Northeast. But I honestly don't know whether or not I knew I shouldn't have my high beams on. I'm guessing I would have turned them on just to see if I could get a better visual on the road. Hopefully I would have noticed it didn't help. As for using other cars as a point of reference and sticking to close to them...yeah, I've definitely done that. But no more!

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