1955 dodge d-500 side view

The 1955 Dodge D-500 was poised for power, with a titanic hemi V-8 lurking under the hood.

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1955-1956 Dodge D-500 Specifications

The 1955-1956 Dodge D-500 helped Dodge shed its old-maid image and forge a reputation as the producer of stylish vehicles. As the 1955-1956 Dodge D-500 specifications below indicate, they were powerful as well.


Engines: ohv V-8 1955 270.1 cid (3.63 × 3.25), 193 bhp; 1956 315.0 cid (3.63 × 3.80), 260 bhp

Transmissions: 3-speed manual; overdrive and 2-speed PowerFlite automatic optional

Suspension, front: upper and lower A-arms, coil springs

Suspension, rear: live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs

Brakes: front/rear drums

Wheelbase (in.): 120.0

Weight (lbs): average 3,550

Top speed (mph): 115-120

0-60 mph (sec): 9.5-10.0

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