How to Remove a Windshield

Typically when you have a broken windshield you're prepared to go to an auto-body shop and pay a few hundred dollars to have them install a new one. It doesn't dawn on you that you can do it yourself and buy a cheaper one at the auto salvage yard. The main difficulty is removing the old windshield in one piece without breaking it or leaving pieces stuck in the frame. We will now attempt to teach you how to remove that cracked windshield.

  1. Remove the windshield wipers and the rearview mirror that's attached to the windshield inside the car.
  2. Cover the steering wheel, dashboard, front seats and floor to protect them from broken glass [source: Beranek].
  3. Pull away the old molding and weather-stripping that's around the windshield. You can discard them as you will probably want to replace it when you install the new windshield.
  4. Lubricate the entire area where the weather stripping was located with silicone. This will help the windshield slide out more easily.
  5. Place two suction cup handles on the windshield and press down firmly to make a tight seal.
  6. Climb onto the hood of the car with a friend. Both of you should grab the suction-cup handles and pull.
  7. Have another friend go inside the car and push the window out, while you and your first friend are pulling on the suction-cup handles. You should now have the window out of the frame.
  8. Discard the broken windshield properly by either taking it to a landfill site or to a recycling plant [source: Do It Yourself].