Inside a Sleeve Valve Engine

Sleeve valve engine illustration
Sleeve valve engine
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Sleeve Valve Engine FAQ

What is a sleeve valve engine?
A sleeve valve uses a sliding, sometimes rotating sleeve to control how much air and fuel get detonated with each compression stroke. The basic premise of igniting fuel and air to drive a set of pistons and turn a crankshaft is the same as it is with other internal-combustion engines.
What machines use two-stroke engines?
Lawn and garden equipment, jet skis, mopeds, dirt bikes, small outboard motors and radio-controlled model planes use two stroke engines.
What are the valves on an engine?
How A Car Works explains that valves open and close at precise moments to allow the engine to run smoothly at all speeds. Gases escape in the exhaust valve and inlet valves allow mixture into the cylinder.
What is a three-valve engine?
A three-valve engine allows manufacturers to design the engine with variable valve timing.
What are parts of the sleeve valve engine?
Some parts include the spark plug, outer sleeve, inner sleeve, piston and crankshaft.