10 Surprisingly Fuel-efficient Sports Cars

Nope. This one doesn't make the list.
Nope. This one doesn't make the list.
Thorsten Wagner/Getty Images

For a while, car companies showed us their most fuel-efficient cars, without regard to our desire for speed, fun and the sexy machine. They appealed to the pain we were feeling when we gassed up our cars, but left out the feeling we get when we step into a car that was really built to just go. But those things have changed. The compromise between gas mileage and a great time is closing.

In a world of ever-increasing fuel economy, some sports cars have relinquished their appetite for fuel without forfeiting their crown of fun. It's not the heyday of muscle cars anymore -- those days are long past -- but that doesn't mean that fast, fun and powerful can't keep its own in a conversation about fuel efficiency. Think the two can't coexist? Mercedes, Ford, Porsche and Lotus are just a few car companies that disagree. And they can prove it.

Our list covers everything from the exotic to the more well-known sports cars, but all of them are surprisingly friendly with the gas pump -- at least compared to what you may expect. Hopefully these sports car guilty pleasures will leave you feeling a little less guilty when your Prius driving friends come over for dinner. You know what I'm talking about...