5 Completely Wrong Ways to Drive in the Fog

Drive Like It's a Clear Day
Diving sensibly in foggy conditions could save your life.
Diving sensibly in foggy conditions could save your life.
Dennie Cody/Photodisc/Getty Images

You know those places on your morning commute where you need to beat out the traffic, so you slam the accelerator and hope you'll make it? Or the place where you only yield at the stop sign, instead of actually stopping, because no one is ever there? Well, this type of driving could get you into some sticky situations when it's foggy.

Why is erratic driving a bad idea on the fog? First off, it's a bad idea in general (do we even really need to say it?). But it's even more dangerous when no one on the road can see you until your basically right in front of their vehicle. In normal weather conditions, if you hop out in front of a fellow driver they might honk at you, show you a certain finger that resides close to the ring finger or something of the sort. But if you jump out in front of another vehicle when it's foggy, they're probably going to just straight-up hit you with their car. Not that they want to, they just won't have any other choice.

So drive a little less unpredictably when it's foggy, and don't change lanes or attempt to pass other vehicles unless it's absolutely necessary. Yeah, it sounds like boring driving, but it could save your life. And really, you shouldn't be making moves on the road that encourage fellow drivers to get mad at you anyways. Not that this writer has ever had a problem with that...

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