5 Innovations That Reduce Engine Vibrations

Body Stiffening Techniques

When it comes to keeping engine vibrations in check, it pays to start with a solid foundation. And by that, we mean the frame -- the skeleton, if you will, of any road vehicle. A solidly built, structurally rigid frame resists flexing, bending, and transmitting annoying vibrations.

The addition of crossbars -- also called stabilizer bars -- is a common practice to help reduce automotive body flexing and make a vehicle stiffer overall.

Squeaks, rattles and buzzes often come from a loosely assembled frame and are made worse by wide tolerances on a car's overall construction. In the auto business, this is sometimes referred to as "fit and finish." That's a broad term that essentially means, "How much attention to quality and precision did the builders devote in the assembly of this vehicle?"

A poor fit and finish, coupled with a loosely welded and flexing frame, can make any existing engine vibration sound and feel worse.

Sometimes, to hunt down and eliminate engine vibration you have to go straight to the source. Our next engine vibration fighter is sure to spark some recognition among experienced wrench turners.