Classic Cars and Trucks
classic car in junkyard

You might find a classic car that's a real treasure -- if you're willing to search.

©iStockphoto.com/David Edwards

Urban legends and "I heard about this guy who found ..." stories are part of the beauty of looking through junk. Most everyone has a story about finding a treasure in neglected trash or locating something of great personal value after a long search. Junk and salvage yards are notorious sites for finding the stuff of legends -- those true and tall tales of cars past becoming refined and drivable or showable classics. "Junkyard Crawl," a series of articles on Car Craft Magazine online, highlights finds like a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda and a 1968 Ford Fairlane, as well as newer model replacement parts. Another source for inspiration is the car forums, where real people talk about real finds in their local yards or online. And if you're not into getting knee deep in elbow grease, you can import a needed hotrod part from Japan or haul a low-rust Beetle from the West Coast to the East with the click of a mouse -- without fighting off the junkyard dogs.