Have you drooled at the sight of a Ferrari Enzo FXX or had dreams of driving a Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California Racecar? We have too. Read about these and other dream Ferraris in this section.
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Ferrari 225 S

The Ferrari 225 S was an evolution of superior coachwork. It had a tubular chassis and underpinnings quite similar to those of the Ferrari 340 America. Learn more about the racecars that proved Ferrari's V-12 could win races.

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  • Ferrari 512 BB LM

    Ferrari 512 BB LM

    To create the Ferrari 512 BB LM, Ferrari converted its first mid-engine 12-cylinder road car into an endurance racer. These factory-developed machines had new bodies shaped in the Pininfarina wind tunnel. Learn more about this racing car. See more »

  • Ferrari 512 S

    Ferrari 512 S

    The Ferrari 512 S and its cousin the Ferrari 512 M stepped up to battle Porsche's 917 on the endurance race circuit. Discover the modifications that were necessary to make Ferrari a contender however briefly. See more »

  • Ferrari 575 GTC

    Ferrari 575 GTC

    The Ferrari 575 GTC was designed to comply with new endurance-racing rules. It marked a return to the front-engine two-seat V-12 Ferrari. Learn more about this racer including its specifications and racing history. See more »

  • Ferrari 750 Monza

    Ferrari 750 Monza

    The Ferrari 750 Monza was a racetrack champion. The Monza takes its name from the racetrack near Milan. Learn more about this mid-fifties Ferrari and see photos. See more »

  • Ferrari Dino 206 S

    Ferrari Dino 206 S

    The Ferrari Dino 206 S refined the midengine formula. Learn how a few tweaks turned the underperforming Ferrari Dino 166 P into the curvaceous race-winning Ferrari Dino 206 S and 206 SP. See more »

  • Ferrari Enzo FXX

    Ferrari Enzo FXX

    Only select drivers were allowed to test the Ferrari Enzo FXX prototype. Only 30 cars were produced, each with a price tag of 2 million dollars. Get valuable details on this racing marvel and its blistering performance. See more »

  • Ferrari F1

    Ferrari F1

    Ferrari is a legendary name in Formula 1 racing. Discover how Ferrari's involvement began before this was known as F1. Learn about Ferrari's most fascinating F1 cars and follow the creation of a dynasty. See more »

  • Ferrari F40 LM

    Ferrari F40 LM

    The Ferrari F40 LM was one of a series of Ferrari racers built to compete in Group B rally racing. It was powered by a turbocharged high compression V-8 that made over 600 horsepower. Learn more about these entertaining cars. See more »

  • Ferrari Sports Racing Cars

    Ferrari Sports Racing Cars

    Ferrari sports racing cars were the competition machines that rocketed Ferrari to prominence as the world's premier maker of high-performance automobiles, and ignited the Ferrari legend. Here are pictures and profiles of Ferrari sports racing cars from 1947 to today. See more »

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