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You don’t have time to take copious notes on all the cars that you like. Let an automotive expert do it instead.

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Types of Consumer Guide Automotive Ratings

Consumer Guide groups its ratings into four broad categories (cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks and minivans), with each category containing several different classes. For instance, in the sport utility category, you'll find different classes for standard and premium compact, mid-size and large SUVs. These class distinctions become extremely important in the ratings section, since each car is directly compared to other cars in its class.

The automotive reviewer also puts together detailed buying guides for each of the classes. These guides are a great place to start if you have an idea of what type of car you'd like, but aren't sure how to start narrowing down the list of choices. In each guide, you'll find a broad overview of the pros and cons of a particular class, along with a list of the vehicles that Consumer Guide places in that class and a brief description of what makes those vehicles unique.

While auto ratings are certainly Consumer Guide's main focus, readers can find additional resources related to automobiles, too. Editors regularly contribute articles about the state of the auto industry, for instance. These articles cover topics ranging from offering a look at insurance company crash-testing facilities to exploring car company business strategy.

If you're interested in learning about cars that are still a few years away from hitting the streets, browse Consumer Guide's future cars section. In this spot, you'll find the latest information on new concept cars and updates to existing models. A little digging can turn up some fascinating cars like the Carbon E7, the first car designed from the ground up to serve as a police vehicle.