Whether you're towing trailers, boats or recreational vehicles, there are some safety regulations and guidelines that should be observed. Do you know what they are and how to stay safe while towing? Take these Towing Quizzes and find out.
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Hitch Types Quiz

There are several types of hitches, including gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches. Test your knowledge on hitch types with this quiz at HowStuffWorks.

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  • Popular Towing Accessories Quiz

    Popular Towing Accessories Quiz

    Towing can be simple if you know all of the accessories available. The options are nearly limitless! Do you know the difference between a hitch lock and a hitch jack? Can breakaways be prevented? Test your towing accessories knowledge now! See more »

  • RV Towing Quiz

    RV Towing Quiz

    With all of the different hitches available for RV towing its not easy knowing which is best for your needs. How ready are you to hit the road with your RV in tow? Take this quiz and find out. See more »

  • RV Towing Regulations Quiz

    RV Towing Regulations Quiz

    Ready to hit the road with that RV? Not so fast -- insurance coverage may seem simple, but it varies from state to state. Weight and height regulations can leave you high and dry if you don't have all the facts straight. See more »

  • Tow Bar Quiz

    Tow Bar Quiz

    Choosing between all the tow bar options out there can be daunting if you aren't fully informed. Think you're ready to tow your car behind your RV? Take this quiz and find out. See more »

  • Towing Braking Systems Quiz

    Towing Braking Systems Quiz

    There are quite a few different types of towing braking systems available, and without them your towed vehicle could crash into your RV at each stop. Are you knowledgeable about mercury switches and accelerometers within towing braking systems? See more »

  • Towing Weight Distribution Quiz

    Towing Weight Distribution Quiz

    Towing weight distribution is vital to towing safety. Ensuring that tow weight is properly distributed is among the most important towing safety precautions a driver can take. Test your knowledge on towing weight distributions systems with this quiz. See more »

  • Trailer Balls and Switch Balls Quiz

    Trailer Balls and Switch Balls Quiz

    You may need more than one switch ball to meet all of your towing needs. Is your gross trailer weight really that important? Test your expertise of Trailer Balls and Switch Balls now! See more »

  • Trailer Towing Limits Quiz

    Trailer Towing Limits Quiz

    Do you know exactly why trailer momentum, inertia and braking are so important? Take the Towing Basics quiz to see how much you know about that heavy load you're taking along on your trip. See more »

  • Trailer Towing Quiz

    Trailer Towing Quiz

    Many options exist for insuring your trailer. In fact, your existing auto insurance may cover or partially cover your trailer. Have you done all the necessary research to ensure proper liability coverage of your trailer? Take this quiz to find out. See more »

  • Vehicle Specs Quiz

    Vehicle Specs Quiz

    Are you sure your vehicle is ready for towing? There is a give and take effect as you increase the weight you are towing, and there are several specs that determine if you're ready to tow. See if you know what they are. See more »

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