Should You Wash Your Car Naturally with Rain?

David De Lossy/Getty Images
David De Lossy/Getty Images

While some folks never think much about it, a clean vehicle is actually a happier vehicle. Years of neglect on the outside surface of paint can eventually do its share of damage, slashing the overall worth of a vehicle in no time. While it is true that washing your vehicle's exterior too often can be wasteful, never washing it for the sake of the environment can be financially costly in terms of both paint damage and resale value.

To a lesser degree, a clean vehicle has also been said to offer slightly better aerodynamics. Does it offer enough of a gain to make it worth the extra effort in keeping the vehicle sparkling clean? Well, probably not, but that is exactly why today we are going to explore a much more sustainable method for keeping your vehicle reasonably clean without visiting a car wash... it's called rain! Rain water has been said to do wonders for your hair, so perhaps it can do wonders for your car too.

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