How Selling a Car Works

Clean it Up

Give your car a good cleaning so it makes the best impression possible.

­The most important thing when a buyer comes to look at your car is that the car makes a good first impression. There are some things you can do to make sure you and your car make a good impression on a potential buyer.

  • Wash, wax and detail the car.
  • Have a true picture of your vehicle's condition by having it inspected or getting a mechanic's opinion.
  • Have any maintenance records or mechanic's reports ready to show buyers.
  • Consider making low-cost repairs on things like dents, dings and scrapes, as well as small mechanical problems, rather than selling the car "as is."
  • Take all your personal items out of the car. If a buyer wants to go on a test drive, you don't want the car cluttered with stuff.
  • Don't forget to clean off the wheel covers and wash the tires.
  • Clean the windows and all mirrored surfaces.

­You should expect potential buyers to investigate the car fully. If your car is in the best possible condition, you will have a better chance of enticing potential buyers.


Now that your car has been inspected and cleaned from top to bottom, you need to get the word out to prospective buyers.