How AutoCheck Works

What You Get

So let's say that you've shelled out literally dozens of dollars for this report and were provided a rating. You're about to take AutoCheck's word for the worthiness of this steel and fiberglass beauty and plunk down a much bigger chunk of cash for the car. But before you do, you might rightly wonder, does AutoCheck have your back?

It does. Mostly. AutoCheck's buyback protection will give you 110-percent of the NADA guide retail price of your car if, after you buy it, you find out it did have a sizzling hot branded title or had seen time as a Los Angeles police cruiser. They'll even reimburse you for up to $500 in aftermarket parts, so that bumpin' stereo you installed in your "vintage" 1999 Dodge Neon isn't wasted.

Since you asked, here are the hoops you're required to jump through if you want AutoCheck to buy back your used car:

  • Buy the AutoCheck report for that VIN
  • Buy the car
  • Register the car with AutoCheck within 90 days of purchase
  • Still own the car when you ask AutoCheck to buy it back
  • Start the buyback process within a year of buying the car

If your car wasn't the LAPD cruiser but rather the stolen car the cop was chasing, the buyback policy does not apply to you.

Also keep in mind that a car's AutoCheck score will change over time as new information comes into the database. Things like accident reports and emissions scores are almost always going to change, but once a branded title, always a branded title. If you pay a bit more, you can run the VIN of the same car over and over and over -- if you're really that worried about it. But honestly, if you're that nervous, maybe your time would be better spent looking at a different car.

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