How AutoCheck Works

What You See

AutoCheck allows you to know as little or as much as you like about the history of a vehicle. Some of us are already so overwhelmed by the car-shopping process that we glance at the score in the blue box on the first page of the vehicle history report and call it good. Or bad, depending on the score.

A quick glance at the vehicle comparison is a good idea, too -- that is, if you can bear doing just a tad bit more. It'll give you a range of typical scores for vehicles like the one you're looking at, which will tell you if this car's score is good or bad. Say the vehicle that makes your heart go pitter-pat gets a lousy-ish score of 40. Under that pathetic number, it says "Similar Vehicles Score" and gives a range. Turns out, cars like the one you so strangely love usually rate even worse! Hurrah! The car you want to buy is the best of a sorry bunch! Congratulations.

On the other hand, if the vehicle scores an acceptable 75, but its automotive peers range from 85 to 95, your impending purchase may be wearing the equivalent of an automotive albatross. Sorry, but you're going to have to delve a bit deeper to find out what mechanical or structural curse is hampering your potential car. Or just move on to the next candidate.

Some of us are detail-oriented nerds who will stop at nothing, not even page after page of scores, to know everything possible about the vehicle we're considering. These people will see the summaries at the bottom of the first page of the report as insulting. Summaries! Who do they think you are? A clueless Kardashian? Drilling down into AutoCheck's information and scores, including the full history (or at least as full as AutoCheck can manage), will give you the most complete picture of where your dream used car stands. It'll even give you case numbers for accidents that were reported to the police.

With all this information, though, there's still an important piece missing: price. AutoCheck just doesn't get into that. It does, however, have partners like the NADA guide, Kelly Blue Book, and Ebay Motors where there are more prices than you can shake a dipstick at.

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