NASCAR Race Car Tracks

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Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway is one of the fastest tracks since others have required restrictor plates.
Michigan International Speedway is one of the fastest trackssince others have required restrictor plates.

Michigan International Speedway became one of the fastest tracks on the current NASCAR schedule with its long straights and wide turns since the longer Daytona and Talladega tracks required restrictor plates to reduce speeds. Located in southern Michigan, the facility opened in 1968 and hosted its first NASCAR race the following year.

A number of different races have been run there since, including the Yankee 600/400 (1969-1974), the Motor State 500/400 (1969-1975), the Champion Spark Plug 400 (1975-1993), and the Miller Genuine Draft 400 (1990-1995). Hosted in 2006 were the Michigan 400 and the GFS Marketplace 400.


Michigan International Speedway Visitor Information

Michigan International Speedway contact information: Michigan International Speedway. 12626 US Hwy. 12, Brooklyn, MI (49230). Phone 517/592-6666; toll-free 800/354-1010.

Michigan International Speedway security: Fans may enter the facility with one soft-sided container (cooler, diaper bag, etc.), 6 x 6 x 12 inches or smaller, and one clear plastic bag, 18 x 18 x 4 inches or smaller (no ice or freezer packs in this bag); binoculars, scanners, etc., with straps; and seat cushions. Glass containers, strollers, umbrellas, bicycles, and pets are prohibited.

Michigan International Speedway parking: Park and enter the facility area based on the side of the track closest to your seats. On race day, traffic control will prevent you from circling the track, so choose a route that puts you on the correct side from the get-go. A free tram service gets fans to the grandstands.

Michigan International Speedway first aid: Emergency medical/air ambulance support teams stand by at the track. Physicians staff on-site care centers beneath the grandstands. The Infield Care Center is open 24 hours a day on race weekends.

Michigan International Speedway concessions: Souvenir and concession stands are scattered within the raceway; some concessionaires sell ice. For essentials, visit Buddy’s Mini-Mart, which operates convenience stores in the infield and Brooklyn Highway Campground. Buddy’s sells firewood, pop, beer, ice, diapers, and propane (tank trade-ins). Note that Michigan prohibits the sale of beer before noon on Sunday, so stock up beforehand.

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