Back to school: Should you rent a U-Haul or pay movers?

Getting the Best Deal on Moving Costs

Do you have fair-weather friends when it comes to moving furniture?
Do you have fair-weather friends when it comes to moving furniture?
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Obviously, cost may be one of the defining factors in your choice of how to move back to school. To determine the cost, you'll need to get on the phone or head to the Internet, where you can gather quotes from a variety of movers and rental van places. Search out both local and national options, depending on how long the move is. Be extremely upfront with any company that you get a quote from. If you don't tell that moving company about the minifridge in hopes of getting a cheaper quote, for example, they'll find a way to charge you for it later.

Additionally, you should explore a variety of options with each company. For example, some moving companies will drop off a pod or a truck that you pack yourself, and then they do the driving. It may be a better deal to pay by the weight of your stuff instead of by the hour. These factors will differ depending on which companies you're dealing with.

Let's say the movers are more expensive than the moving van, as will likely be the case. There are a few things to consider in deciding whether to spring for the extra expense. For one, if you live on the fifth floor of a building that has no elevator, then the extra dough may seem well worth it to you and especially to the people that you've roped in to help you move. And if you haven't found anyone to help, then you might really need to rely on the kindness of those movers, though you are of course paying for the privilege of their kindness. So think about whether Dad has a heart condition or Mom can't take steps -- if you're the first one back to the dorm, you might need more help than they're able to give. And before you commit to carrying your tuba up five flights of steps, make sure you have a driver lined up. Your first-day-of-school jitters may completely disappear in the face of having to drive something so large and unfamiliar as a moving van.

Well, just like the school that you decided to go to, this decision is one that only you can make. You know what's best for you and what your needs are. So while you ponder, and while you sit on hold with moving companies and rental van places, check out the stories and links below.

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