Hitch Accessory 2: Weight Distribution Systems
Car pulling a heavy load

Weight distribution systems can bring you peace of mind when you're towing heavy loads such as this.

Jyrki Komulainen/Getty Images

To pull heavier loads (greater than 3,500 pounds or 1,588 kilograms), you might want to install a weight distribution system. Many manufacturers sell these systems as kits that include a hitch head, a shank and a set of spring bars. The hitch head is the central attachment point of the system. On one side, it receives the shank, which extends from the ball mount. On the other side, it has holes to attach to the spring bars. The opposite ends of the spring bars are connected to the trailer. Finally, the ball is mounted to the top of the hitch head and fits into the coupler.

The kit functions by applying leverage across the trailer tongue and the tow vehicle. This distributes the weight of the trailer across the axles of both the tow vehicle and the trailer. Ultimately, this increases the stability of the ride and provides better control for braking and steering, and those are things that every driver can appreciate.

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